Sleek Flamingo Blush

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Happy Monday! Today I want to review this gorgeous blush from Sleek. You might know I love pink blushes for spring and summer so when I saw this one I decided I needed it, even though I already own way too many blushes.

First of all, the packaging. One of my favorite things about Sleek products is the way they look, they look way more expensive than they really are. The case is matte black with shiny black letters. On the inside is a small mirror which is great if you want to touch up your make up during the day. The only downside of the pretty matte packaging is that it gets dirty really quickly.

The blush itself is in the color Flamingo 937 which is a bright pink, matte color. It’s very pigmented so you have to make sure you don’t apply too much. It gives your cheeks a very healthy color and I think it will work for many skin tones. So I really like it and I only payed around 5 euros for it which is quite a bargain for a good quality product like this!


19 thoughts on “Sleek Flamingo Blush

  1. I have so many Sleek blushes on my wish list. I wished the shipping criteria was lower for free shipping to Canada ($65) and at that rate, I would get hit with customs charges!
    This shade is lovely, what a nice inexpensive find!

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    • I only know one store nearby that sells Sleek. It’s definitely a brand that’s hard to lay hands on. Catrice sells a blush that’s almost the same shade, I believe it’s called Pinkerbell. X

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  2. I have been wanting to try Sleek Cosmetics for a while now. Their products look so darn good! This blush is just making me want to place an order lol. Great review & that blush shade is gorgeous <3

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