Foundation do’s and don’ts

HEADERA while ago I did this post on lipstick do’s and don’ts and I asked you what subject you wanted me to cover next. Fiona from Fionas Wonderland suggested a post about choosing the right foundation and concealer. I thought this was a great idea because foundation is one of the trickiest makeup items so I decided to write a foundation do’s and don’ts post. I hope you enjoy it!


  • Use a moisturizer underneath your foundation, this way the foundation will apply more evenly and will look much more natural.
  • Use a setting powder over your foundation. Most girls like a dewy skin but if you want your foundation to last all day, this step is essential.
  • Mix your foundation with a primer or a day cream to make it look more natural (the color won’t change but it will be more easy to blend in and it reduces the coverage).
  • Also apply foundation on your neck or make sure you blend your foundation well on your jaw line. The color of your face should match the color of your neck.
  • Pick the right color. Thiscan be very tricky and the easiest way is to ask a trained makeup artist which shade you should use. If the store doesn’t offer this service or if you want to choose the right shade yourself you should keep these tips in the back of your mind:
    1. Test the foundation on your jaw line. It should match the color of your neck but also shouldn’t be too visible on your face. Your neck tends to be lighter than your face so take this into consideration. It’s better to buy a foundation that’s a bit too light than a bit too dark because you can always use bronzer to make it look natural.
    2. Test in natural light. The best thing to do is to walk outside and check if the color still matches your skin (don’t take the bottle outside too unless you paid for it, you don’t want to get arrested).


  • Use foundation to make your skin look darker. I guarantee you it will look unnatural. If you want to look a bit more tanned, use a bronzer. It looks much more natural and healthy.
  • Use a matte foundation on a dry skin or an oil based or dewy foundation on an oily skin. If you’re not sure what type of foundation you should use on your skin you again can ask a trained make-up artist. Otherwise use a tinted moisturizer because they look good on most skin types.
  • Use too much foundation. If you have any blemishes on your skin, use a concealer to cover them up. Too much foundation will look unnatural and unhealthy.

If you have more tips or if you have a suggestion which subject I should cover next let me know! Thank you for reading!


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