Catrice Nude Illusion Foundation

IMG_4507IMG_4510IMG_4511IMG_4512IMG_4513IMG_4514There hasn’t been much sun during autumn and winter in the Netherlands and the tan I got during summer has been gone for months now. I picked up a new foundation for winter a while ago but even though it matched my skin tone, it still looked a bit odd. Because I’m really picky when it comes to foundation (I really hate it when foundation is visible on my skin) I decided to buy a new one. When I saw the Catrice Nude Illusion Foundation I decided to give it a go because it looked quite good and it matched my skin tone perfectly.

I bought the lightest shade available (010 Nude Ivory). This foundation should be a ‘light, melting foundation with soft focus effect and just the right amount of mattifying coverage’. I really like the finish of this foundation, it does look quite natural but I disagree on the ‘light’ part. It’s quite a heavy foundation and I feel like the coverage can be bit too high for daytime. To solve this problem I mix it with a BB cream or a primer (or both, because why not?) before I apply it. This way it feels a lot lighter on my skin and it even looks more natural. I also really like that it’s super long-lasting.

So overall I’m quite pleased with this foundation. It looks natural, especially when I mix it with a BB cream and when I wear it you can’t see a line where I stopped applying it (which is very important girls!). Plus it only costs about 7 Euros, which is absolutely a bargain! Have you tried this foundation?


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