Philips Cityscape Strada Headphones

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Today I want to do a non beauty related review. Since a couple months I sometimes make posters and flyers for a woman I met at my volunteering job. Last week she texted me that I could choose a late Christmas gift from a specific website. I thought that was super sweet of her and even though I really like making posters and I absolutely don’t need anything for it in return I decided to choose a gift anyway because she already payed for it. I have been on a hunt for a nice pair of headphones so when I saw these Philips Cityscape Strada headphones I immediately knew what to choose.

First of all the design. I really like the way it looks. They aren’t very big and that makes them very appropriate to wear in public. I do like bigger headphones too and I own a pair of bigger headphones but I rarely wear them in public because I always feel like they’re a bit too much. These are just matte black but the blue cord adds a nice touch to it. The headband is covered in a woven material which is also super pretty. All in all I absolutely love the way they look.

I’m also quite surprised by the sound that comes out of these headphones. It gives a very clean sound and I was surprised by how nice the bass sounded. I somehow didn’t expect the bass to sound that good. I also really like the way the drums sound, again super clean. I can hear each instrument in most songs which I find quite important when I listen to music. They also block noise better than I thought even though these headphones don’t cover my entire ear. Last but not least they are super lightweight and are very comfortable. The only thing I’m a bit worried about is that they will break if I’m carrying them in my bag so I have to be a bit more care full than usual.

If you are looking for a pretty, not very expensive pair, good pair of headphones than you might consider getting one of these. I hope you liked this slightly different review. It might be a bit boring if you aren’t really into music but I couldn’t find many reviews on these headphones so I decided to write it anyway. Thank you for reading!


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