Max Factor Face Finity Primer


IMG_4218 IMG_4225
A few months ago I decided I needed a primer. I used the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation back then and because it has a quite dewy finish it didn’t stay on all day. So I went out and bought the Max Factor Face Finity Primer because I read a few promising reviews about it. I never reviewed it but I figured better late than never so here we go!

This primer contains micro-correctors that absorb oils and this way mattifies your skin. Before I use it I apply a moisturizer. Otherwise the primer can be quite hard to apply (and if I’m wearing foundation I want to take some extra care of my skin). It gives a beautiful matte finish and feels nice on my skin. I’m not sure if it extends the wear of my foundation, I just don’t see much difference. It’s not an amazing product but also not horrible. Plus the packaging is gorgeous so it looks nice in your make up collection (that might be one of the reasons I bought it to be honest). I won’t repurchase it just because of the fact that it doesn’t really make my foundation last longer, which is a shame because I love the finish it gives.


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