Beauty Basic Makeup Applicator

IMG_3866IMG_3868I’ve been quite absent lately but I have a big deadline for school next week so I don’t have much time to write a post. But because it’s finally weekend I decided to take a break and write a quick review on the makeup sponge applicator I bought a few weeks ago. I bought this applicator in Germany and I think this brand is only available there but there are many applicators like these on the market so I think this review is helpful anyway.

Most of the time I apply foundation or BB cream with the Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush which I love but I read so many good things about Beautyblenders I really wanted to try one out. There was only one thing that I didn’t like that much, the price of an official Beautyblender. So when I saw this applicator for only 3 euros I decided to try it out. And man was it a good choice. You can barely detect foundation if I apply it with this sponge, especially if I dampen it with warm water before I use it. My skin looks flawless and very natural. Because of the shape I can reach each area in my face. Even if I apply foundation that doesn’t match my skin completely it looks natural if I use this applicator. I was a bit sceptic about this product but I’m absolutely sold. I might even invest in a real Beautyblender. Love it!


10 thoughts on “Beauty Basic Makeup Applicator

  1. Does the sponge absorb a lot of the foundation, or make it feel a little gooey when you put it on?


    • It does absorb some of the foundation but not as much as some brushes do (the sponge absorbs even less when if you dampen it before you use it). I use the sponge in a stippling motion, this way the foundation feels really light on my skin and not at all gooey! I hope this helped!

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  2. I have seen these every where and always wondered if they would be any good or not! Great review :) xxx


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