Beauticology Giveaway

IMG_3681IMG_3688 IMG_3690Because it’s almost Christmas and because I want to thank you all for following and visiting my blog I thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway. When I saw this adorable Beauticology giftset I decided that I had to buy it for one of you.

This set contains a 50 mL gingerbread body butter that smells amazing, exately like gingerbread cookies. It also contains 8 gram hot chocolate lip balm which reminds me more of vanilla than hot chocolate but still, it smells amazing. They are both perfect for winter because your skin tends to dry out due to the cold air and they smell so good.

If you want to win this price you only have to make sure you are following my blog and leave a comment below about what you like most about Christmas! Also make sure I can find your email adress on your blog or send an email to me so I can contact you if you’re the winner! This giveaway ends on monday.

I’m looking forward to read your comments


11 thoughts on “Beauticology Giveaway

  1. This is a lovely idea! :-) Gingerbread is my favourite thing about Christmas, and fluffy socks! Weirdly, I also like how it’s too cold for spiders, not had one in my room for weeks. B-) x


  2. Awe that is such a great giveaway! What I like most about Christmas isn’t just one thing that I can choose. First off, I love the togetherness with the ones you love, the lights and decorations, the food and drinks of course, and there is just something so magical about this time of year and I love that! :)


  3. I love Christmas because it is a beautiful time of year, I love decorating my house to give a really Christmassy feel! It is also a lovely time to bring together family and friends to celebrate!


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