Gift Inspiration

December the 5th is the day that Dutch people celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’. When we were younger we thought that an old man called Sinterklaas gave us presents at the 5th of December (kind of like Santa). Nowadays my family and I buy presents for one member of the family, makes a craft for this person and writes a little poem. You don’t know which member of the family has to buy a present for you so there’s a lot of guessing and little secrets in the weeks before Sinterklaas. This all sounds a bit weird but believe me, it is a lot of fun. This year my sister had to buy me presents and I decided to show them to you to give you some inspiration for Christmas!

IMG_3566 IMG_3568

These fairy lights are super pretty. They work on battery so you don’t need to put them anywhere near a socket. I think I will put these in the Christmas tree in my bedroom.


Aren’t these the prettiest tea lights ever? I love to burn candles during winter time and I think these are perfect for Christmas.

IMG_3579 IMG_3584

You can never have enough tea light holders, right? I feel like candles make every room very cosy so I really like this gift.


I think I heard of the brand treacle moon before but I never knew they also were available in the Netherlands. This shower gel smells amazing! Very warm and sweet. And I love the name and little story on the packaging.


This is a gift I got from my parents. I love baking and I can’t wait to try these out. My parents also gave me a very pretty blanket but I don’t have a good picture of this yet. I will do a post on how I make my bedroom Christmas ready so I will show it to you in that post!

So that’s what I got for Sinterklaas. Also December the 6th is the day that Christmas season begins here in the Netherlands. I’m super excited and you can expect a lot of festive posts coming up. First I wanted to post every day during December but I simply don’t have enough time to post every day. I have been a bit absent on this blog lately but I will try to make it up to you (with a lot of Christmas related posts and maybe even a little giveaway)!


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