Lancôme ‘La Vie Est Belle’

IMG_3324IMG_3315I already mentioned once that my favorite perfume is ‘La Vie Est Belle’ by Lancôme. I stumbled upon this perfume a year ago. Back then I wasn’t spending much time on blogs so little did I know what a hit this perfume was and still is. And that isn’t a surprise because this perfume smells AMAZING.

This is what the website of Lancôme says about this fragrance:
La vie est belle”, a French expression meaning “Life is beautiful”; the manifesto of a new era. Universal yet personal, Lancôme’s femininity is a choice embraced by women, not an imposed standard. Lancôme has long fostered this conviction, and shares it today with all women in the form of an exceptional creation. The fragrance of joyful femininity and happiness. The fragrance that makes life more beautiful.’

They make quite a promise by saying that this fragrance makes life more beautiful but they aren’t completely wrong. I don’t think it made my life more beautiful but every time smell this perfume it lifts my mood a bit, it’s that good.

In this post I explain what fragrance notes are. The notes of ‘La Vie Est Belle’ are as following:

  • Top notes: Blackcurrant and Pear.
  • Middle notes: Iris, Jasmine, Orange blossom.
  • Base notes: Tonka bean, Vanilla, Praline, Patchouli.

As you already might have guessed, this is a very sweet perfume. I like it most after the top notes disappear (after a few hours) because then it smells very sweet and powdery. And it’s STRONG. Personally I really like strong fragrances but if you’re more into subtle scents than I don’t recommend it. It lasts very long on my skin. I smell it about two or three days after I sprayed it on, that’s a really long time, even for a eau de perfume.

I love this perfume so much and if you are like me into sweet and strong scents I would absolutely recommend trying this out! It isn’t cheap (about 60 euros for 50 mL) but you can always buy it as an early Christmas present for yourself.


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