Barry M ‘Loud Mouth’

IMG_3130IMG_3136IMG_3142IMG_3155In my previous post I already mentioned that Asos had a online 30 percent discount on all their beauty products. The Barry M Starry Eyed palette wasn’t the only Barry M product I bought. I also bought the ‘Loud Mouth Liquid Lip Colour’ in the color Diva.

The best way I can describe the formula is that it looks like a very pigmented lip gloss. The tube has a plastic applicator. If you apply this you absolutely shouldn’s squeeze too hard because you only need very little of this product. It can be a bit tricky to apply with the applicator so I recommend using a brush (or your fingers). The color is amazing, it’s a very pigmented berry color with a glossy finish. It’s perfect for fall. After a while the gloss fades, this isn’t a bad thing though because the color stays on much longer so it looks like you’re wearing a lip stain.

I really like the color, the formula, the packaging but the one of the best things is the scent.  It smells SO GOOD, very sweet (it reminds me of strawberries). I read in some reviews that the lighter colors aren’t as pretty as the darker colors but I’ve only tried this one so I can’t say anything about the other colors. At least I absolutely recommend the color Diva (and it only costs about 5 euros).


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