Easy Bronze Smoky Eye Tutorial

IMG_2686There was a lot going on last week (I was a bit sad and I think I had some sort of existential crisis) so I didn’t really spent much time on my blog. Fortunately I got rid of the bad thoughts and I decided to make a new blog post. To make my absence up to you I will post a little tutorial on how to do a very easy bronze smoky eye. I’m not the best in eye make up so I’m always looking for easy ways to create an eye look. A couple of months ago I got the tip to use a soft kohl pencil to create a smokey eye. I’m not a huge fan of black smokey eyes. I have hooded eyelids and wearing a black smokey eye makes me look like a vampire (and no, not a good looking, Twilight worthy vampire). Instead I love to wear bronze eye shadows because it’s much more wearable and they make green eyes stand out. So here’s a very easy way to create a bronze (or any color you want) smokey eye using a kohl pencil:


  1. Start of with an eyeshadow base if you want your eyeshadow to last longer (and I know you want that).
  2. Apply bronze eye pencil in the outer corner of your eye and smudge it out (you can use a brush, your fingers or a sponge for this). I used the eye pencil  ‘Leaves are the new beef’ from the Essence Hello Autumn collection.
  3. Repeat the previous step but this time smudge it more lightly.
  4. Use the same eye pencil under your eye (not on your waterline) and again: smudge!
  5. Apply a gold color on the middle of your eyelid and a bit of the same gold under your eye. The gold eyeshadow I used is from the W7 ‘In The Buff’ palette and is called ‘Camel’.
  6. Apply a highlighter in the inner corner of your eye. The highlighter I used is also from the W7 palette and is called Silk.
  7. Use a white eye pencil on your waterline and apply eyeliner along your lash line. The eye pencil and eyeliner I used are both from Essence.
  8. Last but definitely not least, apply loads of mascara. I used the Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam.

I find it very hard to take pictures of my eyes. Somehow the colors always come off very dull so the pictures aren’t the best. Especially the step by step pictures are not amazing because I used my phone. Sorry for that!

This eye look takes about 5 minutes and last very long because you use a kohl pencil. Perfect if you are in a hurry (which to me happens more often than not). I hope you liked it!


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