‘Sì’ by Giorgio Armani

IMG_2085IMG_2112I always feel like one of the hardest but also the most fun things to buy is perfume. I like to change my perfume now and then( especially when autumn and winter are coming up) but I never know how to buy it. When I’m in the store there are so many fragrances to choose from that instead of buying one I get very overwhelmed and run out of the store (okay, I don’t run because then everybody might think I’m a shoplifter). So I decided to change my method. I googled ‘autumn perfumes 2014’ and stumbled upon this and this site. I wrote down every fragrance that sounded nice and with that list I went to the drugstore. This might be a weird method because it’s hard to describe a scent but at least I knew which perfumes to test and I had the feeling I that I knew what I was doing (do you know that feeling? That it looks like you’re a girl with a plan?). After testing about 10 perfumes my ability to smell was a bit decreased but when I smelled ‘Sì’ by Giorgio Armani I knew that I had to buy it. Because, oh man, how I love this perfume.

I’m very bad at describing scents but I found this site that describes the top notes (the scents that you smell immediately after you spray it on), the heart/middle notes (the scents that you smell after the top notes dissipate) and the base notes (as you might have already guessed, these are the scents that you smell after the middle notes disappear) so here’s a little description of this perfume:

  • Heart notes: Rose de Mai Absolute, Neroli Absolute, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute
  • Top notes: Sicilian Bergamot, Mandarin Oil, Liquer de Cassis
  • Base notes: Patchouli Oil, Blond Woods, Amber, Orcanox™, Vanille Absolute

When I spray it on I mostly smell rose (most of the time I don’t really like perfumes with a rose scent but this is actually very nice). After a while (about 1 hour) it smells very sweet, warm and powdery. Sweet scents are something I absolutely love so I think that’s why I love this perfume so much. It reminds me of ‘La Vie Est Belle’ by Lancôme, which was my favorite perfume last autumn and winter (and I still absolutely love it), but ‘Sì’ is less overwhelming. ‘Sì’ is a eau de parfum which means that it’s stronger than a eau de toilette. I prefer eau de parfum more because you can smell it all day (when it comes to perfumes I’m more the ‘go big or go home’ kind of girl). I bought this product for 54 euros.

This is the perfect fragrance for cold and rainy. It’s very sweet, warm and comforting. The only thing that I don’t like about this perfume is that I’m constantly sniffing my wrists. I barely had time to write this post.


10 thoughts on “‘Sì’ by Giorgio Armani

  1. I love perfumes. For me is never enough. My strategy is like this. I buy stronger perfumes for fall and winter (can also be used for night) and lighter, citrus and flowers smells for spring and summer. Although if I really like one , I don’t care about any rule! ;)))

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