Bold Lips for Fall

IMG_2015One of my favorite make up looks for fall is a bold lip with natural eye make up. Yesterday I woke up with an eye infection so I’m not wearing any eye make up right now but I can’t be too bothered because I can still wear a bold lip. Today I went for a red lip with a dark ombre to create depth.  I wanted to do a little tutorial on this lip look for a while now so here it is!



  1. Start off with soft lips. In this post I already explained how I exfoliate my lips.
  2. Apply lip liner all over your lips. This makes the lipstick last much longer. I used the Catrice Long Lasting Lip Pencil in the color 030 Berryson Ford.
  3. Apply a red lipstick. I used the Catrice Ultimate Colour 360 ‘MATTraction’ lipstick, which is one of my favorite lipsticks at the moment.
  4. Lastly apply a dark eyeshadow (I used a very dark brown, almost black color) on the outside corners of your lips and around the lip line of your under lip. I also applied some eyeshadow on the center of my upper lip to make the whole look a bit darker.
  5. And your DONE!

It’s so simple to do but the effect is very pretty. Tomorrow it’s the 1st of October, which means it’s almost Halloween (well, 30 days is not that almost but I like to plan ahead). If you are planning on going to a Halloween party this lip look can be very pretty. Instead of a dark eyeshadow you can use a black eye pencil to make it more intense.

What’s your favorite make up look for fall?


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