60’s Inspired Eye Make Up for Fall


Today is the first day of fall and I’m so happy summer is over. Don’t get me wrong, I like summer too but I’ve always been a huge fan of fall and winter. I really like short days, cozy clothes, candles, hot chocolate, rain and everything autumny. I also like the fact that you can change your make up. Today I read this article and I saw that 60’s make up makes a comeback this autumn and winter so I decided to do a little 60’s inspired make up tutorial. I didn’t make step by step pictures because I didn’t plan to do this post but I will describe how I achieved this look step by step.

  1. I started off with an eyeshadow base.
  2. After this I applied a white eyeshadow all over my lid. On top of this white eyeshadow I used white kohl pencil to make it more intense. Make sure you blend it all out.
  3. Then I drew a line in my crease with a black eyeshadow. On top of this line I applied black eyeliner.
  4. With the same black eyeliner I made a little cat wing and connected this with the line in my crease.
  5. On my waterline I applied white eye pencil and right under my waterline I applied black eye pencil. I softened the black pencil a bit with a blending brush.
  6. Last but not least I applied MANY layers of black mascara (for this occasion I used the Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam) and colored in my eyebrows to make them stand out.

This eye make up looks great with a nude pink or deep red lipstick (especially matte colors).

(I made the pictures with the camera on my phone. This camera isn’t the best (actually it’s far from the best) so my eyelids look very red but you get the idea).


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