Bourjois Color Edition 24h

IMG_1814IMG_1795IMG_1791IMG_1790IMG_1799First of all I want to share my amazement that I almost have 50 followers on my blog. And I actually have visitors on Hi I Am Cherry every day, can you believe that? I only started this blog about a month ago and I never thought I would get any followers. I can’t believe that people read my posts (which are undoubtedly full with spelling mistakes). So if you are reading this, thank you, you’re the best!

Yesterday I went shopping with my sisters and my mom. It was an amazing day. We all got into that kind of flow where you buy everything you try on and I guarantee you, that results in the best shopping trips. One of the things I bought is the Bourjois Color Edition 24h cream shadow in the color Pétale de Glace. I’ve had my eye on this color for quite a while now and when I swatched it yesterday I didn’t doubt for a moment and bought it.

Pétale de Glace is a light pink metallic color. The packaging says it is a cream to powder formula. It is a creamy texture that turns into powder when you apply it on your eyelid. It applies very easily (especially when you use your fingers) and the cream shadow is very pigmented.

I went out last night and I wore Pétale de Glace. When I came home I was quite surprised that the color didn’t fade at all. And on top of that, the eyeshadow doesn’t crease so I was very happy. Sometimes when I come home after a night out I look like the Joker so I was very happy that this time at least my eyeshadow still looked good when I came home. The packaging says it lasts up to 24 hours, I don’t know when you want to wear eyeshadow for 24 hours and I also don’t know if it lasts this long but it does last much longer than I expected.



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