Let’s talk about waterlines


Today I want to share some information about shading your waterline. In my previous post I told you that I have no idea how to use an eye pencil, but I can tell you how different colors of eye pencils on your waterline change the way your eyes look. In the (not so pretty) pictures above you can sort of see the effect of the color of your waterline. I’ll explain it to you:

  • Nude Liner: Nude colors on your waterline will open up your eyes. Nobody will notice that you are wearing any make up on your waterline but they will notice that you look more awake and your eyes look bigger. Nude liners are great for a natural make up look. I always wear a nude liner with a bit of shimmer and I recommend nude liners to everybody (I already forced my mom, sister and some friends to buy a nude liner).
  • White Liner: A white liner will also open up your eyes. Your eyes will look much bigger but people will see that you are wearing make up on your waterline (which is not a bad thing at all). If you are going for a very natural make up look, I recommend a nude liner but otherwise white liners are a great way to open up your eyes.
  • Black Liner: Okay, I’m going to be honest, I don’t like black liner on my waterline. Black liners make your eyes look smaller but your eyes will look very intense. The reason I don’t like black liner is because I already have small eyes and when I am wearing black liner on my waterline, my eyes kind of disappear. Not so pretty. However, if you are going for a smokey eye or a nighttime look, black liner can totally finish off your eye make up.

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