Essence ‘Hello Autumn’ collection


Last week was my first week of school and things got a little hectic so I didn’t have the time to work on my blog. However, I did find the time to buy some things from the Essence ‘Hello Autumn’ collection. I absolutely love fall (hello hot chocolate, rainy days, dark lipsticks and comfy clothes) so this collection is something that I was absolutely looking forward to. Essence is quite big in the Netherlands but I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries. You can find their website over here.

Eyebrow Set – 02 ‘Walk in the park’



This eyebrow set contains two brown shades (a dark and a light one), a highlighter and a small brush. It was only 2.59 euros so I was curious about the quality of this set. I am actually quite impressed. The darker color is almost exactly the color of my eyebrows and the pink highlighter is really pretty and good for highlighting your brow bone. This set is also available in a lighter color.

Eye Pencil – 01 ‘Leaves are the new beef’


I’m not a huge fan of eye pencils with another color than black or nude (mainly because I don’t know how to use them). But when I swatched this pencil in the store, I knew I had to buy it. It’s a beautiful bronze color that applies very easily because of the creamy texture. It comes with a sponge applicator so you can soften the line. I think the name is a bit weird but great for the vegeterians out there. This eye pencil was 1.59 euros and is also available in a dark green color.

Lip Cream – 01 ‘Beauti-FALL’


This is a matte red-orange lip cream. It is a great color if you want your lips to stand out because of the high pigmentation. It stays on for about 2 hours which I think is quite a while for a lip cream that only costs 2 euros. The only thing I don’t like about this lip cream is the scent, it’s really STRONG. When I eat something when I wear this lip cream I only taste perfume.

Multi Colour Powder – 01 ‘Autumn in the city’


This is a beautiful bronzer with a sheer glow over it. The packaging is really pretty and the powder looks like brown and golden leaves. I think this is the best product of this collection. It costs 3.39 euros.

Thermo Nail Polis – 01 ‘Beauti-FALL’


This was the product I was curious about. It should change color when the temperature changes (it turns dark when it’s cold and light when it’s hot). I’m a little disappointed because you can only see the change in color when you put your hands in cold or hot water. Still a really cool idea (inspired by the changing color of the leaves in fall).

So a great collection for fall lovers like me.


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