Rimmel London Lasting Finish Colour Rush Intense Colour Balm

IMG_1371IMG_1375IMG_1379IMG_1390IMG_1397I’ve already expressed my love for Rimmel London. Maybe it’s because of the price, maybe it’s because of the quality or maybe it’s because of both but I find myself buying Rimmel make up way too often. But not this time. This time I actually got something from Rimmel for my birthday so it’s not my fault that I review another Rimmel product today.

The product I’m talking about is the Lasting Finish Colour Rush Intense Colour Balm (that’s officially one of the longest names I’ve ever heard when it comes to beauty products). Rimmel likes to call it a “Intensely smooth lasting balm that is comfortable to wear all day. Colour rush for hours in 7 high voltage shades”. I like to call it a very pigmented Chubby Stick. I got it in the color ‘220 Rumour Has It’ a dark pink color. The Colour Balm applies very easy, and when I say ‘very easy’ I mean VERY easy (you can literally color in your lips). The formula is really pigmented and hydrating and it has a delicious vanilla scent. I think the scent is the best thing about this product, I’m constantly sniffing my lips (that sounds a bit weird but once you tried this product you’ll understand what I mean). The gloss fades after about 2 hours and the color fades after about 4 hours (not the promised 7 hours but still much longer than I expected).

I’m actually positively surprised about this product. I didn’t expect it would be this pigmented and I certainly didn’t expect it to last so long.         

Also, I went to the zoo today and I wanted to share this really picture of a really cute baby elephants just because I think everyone can agree baby elephants are one of the cutest things on earth.



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