19th Birthday


Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 19 but I was looking forward to it like I was 6 years old. It was a really nice day with really nice people.  And I received some presents. And I love getting presents almost as much as giving them (giving a present is one of the best feelings in the World). I searched on the internet when you are materialistic because I thought that might be the reason I love presents. Fortunately, it’s when you care more about things than people so I’m good.  I just love the idea that someone spent time searching for a gift for you. The fact that I love presents doesn’t mean that I always know what to ask. In fact, this year I couldn’t think of anything to ask. I know this is not a problem at all, I guess it means that I have everything I want. And even though I didn’t ask for anything, my friends and family all came up with great gifts and I thought it would be fun to share some of them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to brag. I just want to give you some gift ideas and I always think it’s quite fun to read what others people get for their birthday. So here we go!IMG_1295IMG_1298IMG_1305IMG_1315

  • A tripod for my camera. This was the only thing I asked for. I’ve wanted a good tripod  because they are really handy, especially for filming.
  • A shoulder strap for my guitar. I play the guitar quite often and it’s really cool to be able to stand while you’re playing.
  • A baking book. Baking is great and so is this book.
  • Fairy lights. Who doesn’t love fairy lights? They always make me so happy.
  • A Rimmel Color Rush Balm. I will write a review on this later!
  • Chocolate. Okay, I’m a cliché but I LOVE chocolate.
  • A jewelry rack. This is really handy, I always throw my jewelry on one big pile so when I want to wear a necklace I first have to spent 15 minutes to untie it.
  • Nail polish. Nail polish is always a good gift.

Birthdays are days that everything I love comes together: my family and friends, cake, balloons, gifts etc. and my 19th birthday was no exception.


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