W7 In The Buff Palette


IMG_1175When I was younger (about six years old) I loved blue eyeshadow, especially combined with red lips and pink cheeks. Fortunately my mom never let me wear it tot school. I have to admit, it looked ridiculous. When I was about fourteen, I loved glitter eyeshadow and glitter eyeliner (in my defense, everybody wore it). Since then I started to appreciate more natural eyelooks. This is why I would love to own the Naked2 palette from Naked Decay. It’s a gorgeous palette with brown, natural shades. I wish I didn’t care it is a bit expensive, but I do.  So when I saw this ‘In The Buff’ eyeshadow palette from W7 I got quite excited, when I saw the price I got even more excited. It’s only 8 Euros!

The packaging


The packaging looks almost exactly like the one from Naked2. One big difference is that the W7 palette doesn’t contain a mirror. I think the Naked 2 palette is a bit more pink and the letters are a bit more brown. The packaging from W7 doesn’t look at all cheap and is almost as pretty as the one from Urban Decay.

The colors


IMG_1196IMG_1200The colors are comparable too, but I think the colors of W7 are less pigmented and a bit less pretty. I think for 8 Euros the colors are good though. They do crease, even though you wear eyeshadowbase underneath it but they stay on the entire day. The W7 palette contains 3 matte eyeshadows (a beige, a taupe and a black) and 9 more shiny eyeshadows. The names of the eyecolors are Buff, Camel, Sand, Dust (first picture), Chocolate, Topaz, Earth, Storm (second picture), Silk, Wave, Thunder, Onyx (last picture).

The brush

IMG_1183IMG_1185The palette comes with a brush. It has a sponge applicator on one side and a flat brush on the other side. I haven’t used the sponge applicator yet, and I don’t think I ever will because I can’t apply eyeshadow properly with them. The flat brush is okay, I use it to apply eyeshadow along my lashline and in my crease. I think it is amazing that a 8 Euro palette comes with a brush!

So a really good Naked2 dupe for only a fifth of the price (you can’t say no to that, right?).

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