Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara


I think one of the best inventions (besides electricity, the internet, chocolate etc.) is mascara. I have short lashes so mascara is something I can’t live without (well, I could live without it but I don’t want to). I’m always searching for   mascara’s that make my lashes longer without making them look like a spider is stuck in my eye. And that’s why I LOVE Max Factor’s Clump Defy mascara. This mascara makes your lashes look really long. I have had mascara’s before that made my lashes this long, but the downside of these mascara’s was that after applying it my lashes were full with clumps. And that’s exactly what this mascara doesn’t do. After applying it my lashes are clump free and super long.

Here’s a very scary, not so pretty, photo where I’m wearing two layers of Clump Defy:



4 thoughts on “Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara

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