Review: Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush


I always used flat foundation brushes (or my hands because I’m a bit lazy). I feel like flat foundation brushes always give a bit too much coverage (you can see you are wearing foundation, never a good sign) and make your skin look unnatural. So when I saw this Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush I decided I should give it a go.

I ordered this brush on the Dutch website The Make Up Spot but you can also get it on the website of Zoeva. The brush comes in a ziplock case you can store your brush in to prevent it from collecting dust. It is a brush with a flat top that buffs the make up into your skin. The brush has synthetic hairs which is great for applying liquid foundation. Synthetic hairs don’t absorb the make up so you don’t have to use more foundation than necessary.

The brush looks really expensive (it was only 14.50 Euro) and reminds me a bit of the MAC brushes. I was surprised by how big the brush is. I was even more surprised by how SOFT it is, I instantly fell in love. The brush gives a airbrushed finish and you can apply your foundation really quickly because the brush is so big. It is really easy to apply your foundation evenly because of the size. It’s a really good brush for an even better price.


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