Rimmel Haul


One of my favorite make up brands is Rimmel London. Most of the time the quality is really good and the products are relatively cheap. So when a drugstore nearby had a 50% discount on all Rimmel products I had to buy some new make up. Here is a not so short review on the things I bought.

Lasting finish lipstick in 170 ALARM


I have searched for a new red lipstick for a while (you can never have too much red lipsticks) and this one immediately caught my eye. Alarm is a very pigmented true red color which will look good on almost every skin tone.  Even though it is a quite matte lipstick it applies very smoothly and doesn’t dry out your lips. You have to fix it up a few times during the day, especially after you eat or drink something but besides that it stays on very well.  And the smell is AMAZING! It smells a bit like cinnamon and reminds me a lot of autumn and winter. Love it.

Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 304 ECLIPSE




The Apocalips have been a hit since the release almost two years ago. I have read so many good things about these Lip Lacquers so  naturally I had to buy one. The Apocalips is in fact a lipgloss with the pigmentation of a lipstick and should stay on quite a while. I bought one in the color Eclipse, a really dark plum color that again is great for fall and winter. The applicator has a reservoir on one side so you don’t have to dip it in the tube again which is great. The pigmentation is really high and it takes some time to apply it smoothly but once it’s on your lips, it stays on really well. The gloss vanishes after a while but even then there’s no need to fix it up because it will look like you are wearing a lipstain. Again a really nice product.

Vinyl Gloss in 190 PIN UP


IMG_1158I have never been a huge lipgloss fan because I don’t like it when my lips feel sticky. But Rimmel claims this lipgloss is not sticky so I decided I wanted to give it a go. And I must admit, my lips don’t feel sticky. In fact, this lipgloss feels more like a lipbutter and makes my lips feel really hydrated. I love this bright pink color and the pigmentation is quite high which really great. The gloss stays on for one or two hours so nothing special about that. I love this lipgloss and makes me reconsider my believe that lipglosses are never as good as lipsticks.

Professional Eyebrow Pencil  in 001 DARK  


Most of the time I use powder to define my eyebrows but because I always want to try new products I bought this one. A good thing about this pencil is that it comes with a little brush on the lid so you can brush your eyebrows after you filled them in. Unfortunately the color is not really pigmented and the formula is quite dry so it is quite hard to apply but it does it’s job. After using it my eyebrows are more defined but look a bit unnatural. All in all a decent product but not as good as I hoped.

60 Seconds Nail Polish in 513 LET’S GET NUDE and 315 READY, AIM, PAINT


I have loved the 60 seconds nail polishes for a really long time now and I wanted a new red and nude nail polish so I bought these two. The red one is really good. You only have to apply one coat, it dries really quickly and it stays on very well, especially if you use a topcoat. The nude one from the Rita Ora line is not as good as I hoped. You have to apply at least three layers if you want full coverage and it doesn’t stay on that well if you apply multiple layers. I still love the 60 seconds nail polishes but won’t buy the nude one again.


3 thoughts on “Rimmel Haul

  1. Gorge stuff I love all these products although I found the apocolips really drying on my lips and they smell weird!! I have celestial which is a muted hot pink!! There is an awesome dupe from MUA they are £2 and are the kiss thingys gorgeous taste of vanilla and extremely pigmented!


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